Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is there an App for Writing a Novel?

The more I read what others have been writing the more I think about my own writing or lack of it. Writing is a lot like exercise for me. When you stop for a while it's hard to get back into it. And when you finally convince yourself to do it, it feels like you're starting from the beginning again-- where you struggle to run a quarter of a mile or write a single paragraph.

I downloaded a great 10K running app and since then I've running regularly. It has a routine for each day and literally tells you when to walk and run, counting down your time for each, which somehow makes it feel like time is going by faster. I wish there was a similar app for writing a novel. If there was I'd be in pretty good shape-- writing and running wise.

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Jules said... could make the app, A.H, I would use it! I think it would be very popular!